Claiming My Independence From My Fear.

A few days ago as I was scrolling through Twitter I came across a tweet that made me stop and question my actions. It said something along the lines of how the fear of looking stupid is what holds us back from doing the things we want to do and it hit home for me.

I created this blog years ago and despite my want to build an audience and establish myself as a book blogger, I have failed year after year to go through with it. Why? Because I am unfortunately a perfectionist who hates looking stupid. The idea of writing posts that aren’t perfect in my eyes produces an anxiety that hinders my ability to actually blog. The idea that a post may not only not be perfect, but may also make me look like an idiot time after time makes me stay away from this blog.

As I sat in my room the other day reading that tweet I decided something. No matter how much of an idiot I may come across as on this blog, I am going to blog because it is something that I desperately want to do.

I love writing and talking about books too much to keep myself from doing it out of fear of looking stupid when the reality is that the only way to practice my writing is to, you know, write.

So here I am, declaring my independence from this particular fear. So starting next month I’m going to try and keep a steady post schedule and resume blogging. Except this time I look forward to actually sticking to it.

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