Sea Witch by Sarah Henning Spoiler Free Review

This is going to be a bit of a weird review because while I enjoyed reading this book andsea witch couldn’t put it down, it had many flaws that I can’t ignore while writing this that ultimately bring down its rating.

So what is the Sea Witch about? In short, a fairytale retelling about how Ursula became Ursula before there was a Little Mermaid. An intriguing premise that drew me in because as much as I love reading about retellings involving princesses, I love reading about a villains background story even more.

For this review I’m just going to go ahead and make bullet points for the bad so here goes my list:

  • Everyone naturally hated our main character Evie, a point we all would’ve understood the first few mentions, but the author at one point just kept repeating it to the point where I started feeling she was overdoing it. Especially when there was never really that good of a reason for why they hated her to begin with. Most of the time the fact that everyone hated her just felt like it was being forced and clearly being used as a plot device to drive the whole villain background. Part of me feels the story would’ve worked well even if these people didn’t hate her and that’s why I hated this recurring comment throughout the book.
  • You never really came to care for any of the characters. I grew no attachment whatsoever to anyone in this story. I could’ve honestly cared less what happened to anyone. Except maybe the main character, but that was only because I cared to find out why she ends up being the sea witch. Everyone could’ve died and not a tear would’ve been shed.
  • The romance was just written badly. It’s thrown at us from the start with no development whatsoever and we’re just supposed to believe that both parties really felt that way about each other. It made no sense and yet it was one of the driving forces of the story. And I’d mention the other thing concerning the romance, but it’d be a spoiler. I’ll say this,   I let out a laugh because of it and every now and then a certain quote comes to mind and I start laughing again because damn was the romance in this bad.
  • The majority of this book is slow paced. I read this in a day or two which was quick when keeping in mind I worked long shifts both days, but even then I felt it dragging several times. The slow pace was made a hundred times more noticeable the moment that you finally reach the climax and everything comes together. That ending was rushed. And I mean that ending went full speed ahead like the Polar Express trying to make it to the North Pole on time. One moment everything’s starting to fall into place and then BAM! The story is over. One of the biggest flaws of this book.

Like I said at the beginning though, I did enjoy reading this despite all of the bad. I don’t know what it was, but I liked this book. I loved that even though it takes place before there is a sea witch, we get elements from The Little Mermaid throughout the story. Not the Disney version, but the original. The epilogue was my absolute favorite thing. Despite the story being rushed and the romance being bad, that epilogue tied up everything so well. Which is the part that makes me angry that so many things about the story were bad, but I digress.

Overall it really stands at a 2.5 stars, though I gave it a 3 star rating on goodreads because we still can’t do half stars *insert eye roll*

If you’ve read this, what did you think???  I’m truly curious because clearly, my thoughts on this are weird because I loved it. But also I didn’t. LMAO :’D

Also, how beautiful is that cover????? I love it so much

3 thoughts on “Sea Witch by Sarah Henning Spoiler Free Review

  1. You know I have never liked retellings, but this called my attention when you mentioned like the story of why Ursula became Ursula. I am sad to see that it had so many flaws, although you read it quite quickly. I don’t know how you do that haha I don’t like a book and I get stuck haha

    Until recently, I understand the half stars haha it was so clear to me the rating system until I got to that point of not a 3 but not a 4 haha

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    1. The weird thing is I enjoyed it. So much of it was badly written, but I kinda loved it regardless! But I had to be honest about the flaws it had. I’ve always had that problem with the rating system because sometimes I just can’t bring myself to give a book like a 4, but I’l also feel like they’re more deserving of something higher than a 3 lol

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