The Cheerleaders by Kara Thomas Spoiler Free Review

the cheerleadersI come to you all with a book review several months after my last book review because I suck at blogging and keeping up with stuff. It is what it is at this point. Also, I’m very insecure about my writing so lols.

But ANYWAY, this year I’ve really delved into the murder mystery type of genre so when I read the synopsis for this book at the bookstore I was like, “oof this is gonna be good.” A book about 5 different cheerleaders all dying in the span of a month or so? And a sister who doesn’t believe that her sister committed suicide and is now trying to uncover the truth of what happened 5 years ago to all 5 girls? There was no way I was leaving without this book.

I’d like to say that this book was everything I wanted and more, but it fell flat for me in the end. The first couple of chapters work, but beyond that most of it read like it was a draft. It was evident that this required more editing than what it got because so much of it felt like a mess with characters doing certain things that are unrealistic. I mean, who meets up with a teenager they don’t know at a moments notice simply because they knew her sister 5 years ago??? No interactions prior to the main character reaching out to these people and they quickly responded about meeting up. Maybe it’s just me, but it made no sense to me that no one really questioned the motive behind the meet ups either.

Apart from that there was also the problem with certain chapters jumping back in time and following the main characters dead sister. If properly executed it would have worked! However, the change in POV didn’t feel organic and didn’t work well for me. Those chapters would have been more cohesive had the author made those chapters do a better reflection of what’s going on in the current timeline as a bit of a contrast of the main character finding out certain bits of information. Majority of the time they just didn’t though. Another thing that would’ve made the jumping back and forth in timelines would’ve been if the book had started off with a flashback instead. In my most humble opinion, it would’ve done the story well.

Another thing that bothered me immensely was how trusting our main character was of people. She’s trying to find out who murdered those girls and instead of being skeptical about everyone she encountered, she was ready to trust at the first interaction. I just. I couldn’t believe she’d be stupid enough to not question anybody to the fullest extent.

The biggest disappointment of all was how incredibly underwhelming the reveal was at the end. The least anyone deserves after the mess the whole story was is a good plot twist. Sure, I sat there and thought to myself, “you’ve got to be kidding me,” but it wasn’t in a good way.

This book had so much potential and if it had been given better editing and a little more mystery this could have been executed well  because the idea was there. It just needed a little more time to be shaped into what it could be.

At the end of the day I gave it a 2.5 stars (3 stars on goodreads) simply because it did keep me reading and had me intrigued enough to want to find out what happened in the end. If you want a quick read and find the plot interesting I’d go for it, if not don’t bother. The characters really aren’t ones you ever come to care about. It’s more about wanting to know what happened to those 5 girls and even then the payoff isn’t very rewarding.

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