Life Update :)

It’s been about two months or so since my last post on here and the reasoning behind that is that I needed a mental health break.

My depression and anxiety began to make a bit of a comeback towards the beginning of July and blogging was something that I’d started forcing myself to do. I’ve learned in recent years that forcing myself to do things is usually a sure way to get me burntout quickly and so I decided to remove myself from the situation and allow myself time to heal.

And then August through mid-September ended up being a really crappy time for me where my depression hit me rather hard and I just didn’t want to talk or interact with anyone and I also wasn’t reading enough to produce any book content. But luckily I have learned enough during the last 5 years to know when I need a break and I am now feeling like I am ready to jump back into the blogging wagon!

So hello! I’m still alive and hopefully am able to keep up with posts this time around ๐Ÿ™‚

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