Mental Health Thursday! (Week 3)

On last weeks update, there was hardly an update. I was going to say something much more poignant than that, but that’s really just the simplest way to say it. I didn’t even want to post anything, but I forced myself to write that really short post. A post where at the time I felt like the world around me was crumbling once again and it felt like there wasn’t going to be an end to it.

This week I am happy to report that I am in a much healthier state of mind and have been feeling more positive as the days go by.

Because my depression overtook me last week, I stopped practicing the things that had been aiding me in this struggle with my anxiety so this week was all about introducing those practices back into my schedule. Along with a few other things I decided to go ahead and give a try. Throughout the week I went ahead and compiled a list of the things that have been working out for me and that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you guys 🙂


Last week I was having spikes in my anxiety every night starting at around 8pm for no reason. It would drag on into the early hours of the morning and it was making it so that I was hardly getting any sleep. This week I decided to make sure to meditate right before bed and it has made an astounding improvement. Technically I started the meditation about 4 days before the 14th came around and that’s probably why I started seeing results this week.

I never manage a streak, but I’m on day 11!!!!!!!! 😀

By lying down in bed ready to go to sleep and just focusing on my breathing and blocking out thoughts as best as I can not only helps alleviate my anxiety due to my controlled breathing, but generally guarantees that I will fall asleep shortly after the meditation is over. I do my best to do this at the point where I am sure I don’t need to do anything else and at a time when I know I’m not going to go around looking at social media or being on my phone after the meditation is done.

For those who don’t know, Headspace is a guided meditation that you can download onto your phone and either use the 10 free “regular” meditations or subscribe to it and access meditations that tackle specific issues you may be experiencing. I decided to go ahead and splurge on the subscription because the meditation packs that are available include those that tackle anxiety, stress, sleep, and restlessness. So that’s what Headspace is in case anyone thinks it could be of help and wants to check it out 🙂

Writing in my Journal

A practice that I had managed to do most days last year is one that I’ve failed at miserably this year. Last week I felt the need to scream and to rant and I felt like I had no outlet in which to do that and then I remembered I had a journal. Writing in here most days this week has been incredibly therapeutic. It helps me release all the things that I don’t say and it’s like a weight is lifted off my shoulder every time I do. It doesn’t solve anything, but it makes me feel less weighed down by the thoughts that run through my head every day.

Going Out More

I made it my mission to spend more time out of the house this week and it’s helped me feel less trapped (because it’s a feeling I get when I spend too much time cooped up wallowing in self-pity). Every time my family has gone out of the house I go ahead and tag along regardless of whether or not I was planning on buying anything at the store. And on the two occassions where no one went out, I went ahead and walked to Starbucks and spent time there reading before heading back home. The first two times were emotionally draining, but as the days have gone by my energy remains high throughout the outings. I also don’t dread being out and about as much.

Blocking Safari On My Phone

A huge source of my anxiety comes from googling any weird symptoms my body is feeling and then seeing the worst case scenario for it and obsessing over it and thinking that’s what is going on with me. So this last week I decided I needed to put an end to that and blocked it on my phone. Sure, I can go ahead and google it here on my laptop, but since it’s less accessible I tend not to because it feels like such a drag to get my laptop and turn it on whereas my phone makes it instantly accessible. I’ve also been spending less time on my phone since I blocked it and it helps keep my head a little clearer. Its been nice.

Cleaning my Room

I hadn’t cleaned my room in months. You could hardly see my floor and bed, my desk was a total mess, and my vanity was even worse. Dirty dishes, empty water bottles, and trash could be found at every corner. And then on Sunday something in me snapped and I decided I needed to clean it all up. I needed to throw away the person that my anxiety and depression were turning me into (at least that’s what it felt like I was doing) and so I cleared it all out and that alone has improved my mood. I truly recommend cleaning your space in the hopes to find some peace.


And last, but not least, I’ve kept up with acupuncture. If you truly want to see me in a state of total peace it’s after an appointment because acupuncture has been a blessing in terms of helping my anxiety. Again, it doesn’t cure it, but having it be a constant these last two months has helped me in learning a bit about how to relax. Which is something I have trouble doing for obvious reasons and something that until recently I haven’t done in years.

Those are all the things I’ve been doing this week to help my mental state and they all have succeeded in helping me get to a much more positive mindset. I’m still struggling a little here and there, but it hasn’t been getting me down like it was last week. At times when I feel at my best I get anxious about not having been feeling anxious all day, but oh well. It’s a work in progress and I hope that in this coming week there’s more positivity coming 🙂

If anyone has any other suggestions of other self-care tips you’re more than welcome to leave them in the comments! I hope you’re having a great day and thanks for reading 🙂

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