The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan Review

At this point in time, I truly wonder why I keep bothering with reading books by Rick Riordan. I think part of me does it for nostalgic reasons and the other part believes it’s because I keep hoping my boyfriend Percy Jackson or my son Nico di Angelo are going to show up. Neither of which did in this book by the way.The_Dark_Prophecy.jpg

My biggest problem with this book is that it felt like it was much longer than it needed to be. I got halfway through it and it just felt like the story wasn’t advancing. Things happened throughout the book, but none of them felt like they were integral to the advancement of the plot despite it being part of what moved the plot. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but a better way I can say it is that this book felt like it went nowhere despite it going somewhere. I just. I don’t even know.

My second problem with it is actually the characters. Meg, Leo, and even Apollo are all annoying at one point or another. Actually the majority of even the side characters are annoying and it’s not so much about who they are, but the way they speak that just comes across incredibly offputting. Leo talks and I just instantly want to shut him up. I can’t stand him. It just feels like he’s trying so damn hard to be funny and I just sit there waiting for a joke and nothing happens. Characters like Emmie, Jo, and Calypso all speak in a manner that sounds normal. Even Lit has a change in tone the moment Commodus decides to kill him which to me just proves that Riordan exaggerates the way these characters speak.

The dragging of the story and the annoyance of characters aside, the book isn’t that good. I can find characters beyond irritating and still think the story is good and love it, but this book was just bad. Sure, I laughed at a few things, mostly said by Apollo, and there is some character development from Apollo himself, but other than that there’s reallly nothing memorable from this. I am just a ball of disappointment honestly. I loved the first installment to this series and had high hopes because Apollo has always been my favorite, but this second book just lacked so much that I genuinely believe that it was a waste of time to read it.

I give it 2 stars and even then it feels like I’m being rather generous.

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