Start of Something New

I’ve writen almost four versions of this post and if there’s been one consistent theme it’s the title being from a Disney movie. I’m clearly a very original person.

Last time I was writing this post, it was about how I was going to be working two jobs. Few days later I’m here writing a post about how I’m quiting one and keeping the other.

Six months ago I quit the first job I’ve ever had and it broke my heart to do so. I loved that job and I was damn good at it too. I needed to leave though. My mental health took a really big hit and the job was far too stressful so I quit and started a different job which is less stressful, but I quickly found out that I didn’t particularly like it. I also kinda suck. And it’s something that bothers me greatly because I never leave work feeling good about the job I did. That’s something that takes little hits at my mental health. Also, I just like feeling like I’ve done good work and in these last six months I just haven’t felt it no matter how hard I try.

Fast forward to present time and the possibility of moving near Disneyland, a longtime dream for me now, is just on the horizon. Of course, moving there is going to be expensive. Living there is also going to be extremely expensive and I can’t afford it on the salary and hours I get at this job I started 6 months ago. So I decided to get a second job. Where I used to work and now there’s a chance to move up at said job with even better pay and hours! I’d be moving by the end of this year or early next year and I need to start saving up as much as I can during the next year so I don’t have to worry too much about money when the time comes and this job is offering me the perfect things to make that dream come true.

There’s not really a point to this post other than I just wanted to talk about how now I’m going to be telling my manager I’m putting in my two weeks to go back to the place that I ran from last year and I am incredibly nervous and feeling guilty because I know we’re short people. But I feel like it’d be really stupid of me to let this opportunity get away from me when I know that I’d be doing better with just this one job than with both.

I’m also just nervious in general about taking this promotion at my old job. There’s more responsibilities now in the position I’m going to be in and despite knowing I can handle it, I’m of course thinking about what the toll on my mental health is going to be and whether I’ll be good at that too. Two days back at this old job and I feel like I’m where I belong though so I’m feeling very confident about the whole ordeal.

So yeah, this post is just my rambling about this whole situation and I thought it’d help to write this out before I go into work later to give my manager my two weeks notice. I mean, I’m making two dollars, tWO DOLLARS less at that job than the one where I’m getting the promotion! I’d be crazy not to take it!

Here’s to the start of something new and exciting! Also the most sincere of apologies to my manager and job I’m leaving behind. The guilt is real, but ya girl is going to be making bank so ha!



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